The sleeping fox catches no poultry



The idea was an interesting one and the team was just finishing up a major project with one of the leading automotive OEMs in the country. This project seemed to be a perfectly timed creative distraction from the regular work. 

Coming in with its own set of challenges and a first of many kinds for us, this product design project was like no other that we had done so far. The other collaborators brought in their very best and pushed us to the limits every time we thought THIS WAS IT. 

Countless hours of iterations, multiple checks and a big load of 3D printed plastic culminated into this sweet fruit of the massive hard work put in by everyone on board our small team. 

It has been an enriching experience getting this one off 3D printed PC cabinet to reality through all the uncertainties that 2020 threw at us.


Studio34 team met FoxMyBox two years back when one of the founders, Aashish Chaudhary who is an avid diecast model collector came up with a simple concept of painting one of his 1:18 scaled model. 

The connection was instant and we had been thinking of partnering together with FoxMyBox ever since to join hands and bring forth a creative super force. 

It was only natural that we got onboard when the idea of this one off custom built PC cabinet was brought to the table. 

The development

getting there


onto digital tools

detailing it out

the final output

kitsun - one of a kind