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The importance of accessories

Accessories application is fast becoming a business opporutnity that the OEM’s really want to cash in on. It gives the car companies a comparatively easier way of generating revenue while keeping the cost of investment low. The use of accessories also gives the customers an easy way to personalize their vehicles as per their taste.

Accessories are the new hot game really making the difference to a company’s fortunes. It has become more and more important over the years as the customer demands have grown beyond just the basic. 

Everyone wants to add that extra jazz to their cars. This could be in the form of a functional or an aesthetic accessory. The point is make your ride look COOL. Different people go to different extents to satisfy their quotient. After all, the car is an extended reflection of the customers’ personality and it really helps you make your car stand out in a crowd. 

Accessories have been around for a very long time in the market by third party players as an unregulated segment. OEM’s jumping into this segment has made the segment more defined now. 

Compliment the design

aesthetics enhanced

Accessories that compliment the design

Thoughtfully designed to appeal to the different sets of customers who buy the THAR for reasons more than one. No two Thars are alike and no two buyers are either. Thar has always been a blank canvas where one could spend countless hours and thousands to make it the perfect vehicle you desire. The job just became a bit easier with the introduction of the OE accessories packages.